Bee Jubilee Speakers and Demonstrations

SPEAKERS (EXPO Auditorium)

10 am         Amy Woodhouse,  Sow Edible Farm:  Planting a Year Round Garden to Promote Pollinators

11 am         Chris Apple, Master Beekeeper , Master Gardener: Native Bees                

NOON     Jesse Locklear, Journeyman Beekeeper: So, You want to be a Beekeeper?

1 pm          Esmaeil Amiri, UNCG Molecular Biologist : Queens and viruses: Interaction of two major factors in the colony.

2 pm          Steve Baxter, Journeyman Beekeeper:Marketing for the Beekeeper

3 pm          Chad Caudle,  Paramedic, Beekeeper:  STUNG: Your Body’s Immune Response


10 am         Double B Farms                                     Splits

NOON     Dana Stahlman, EAS Master Beekeeper and former commercial beekeeper : Why Did My Bees Die?

2 pm           Ricky Manning, Journeyman Beekeeper: All About Top Bar Hives


11 am         Honey Extraction – Drawn Plastic Frames vs Wax Foundation w/ Chad Caudle

2 pm           Honey Extraction